All that can be said about leadership in many respects has already been written. Brian Dodd also came to a similar conclusion. [1] A Christian leader is one who serves. One must possess spiritual maturity and faith. [2] A leader has followers. A leader has character. A leader is a team builder and leads with courage. A good leader is strategic in thinking. Therefore, is there anything new that can be said or can it be restated in a new way for future leaders? Dodd brings the reader back to the letters of the Apostle Paul for a rediscovery of spiritual leadership that needs to be unleashed today in the church.

Why Paul? Was he not ancient? We have so much information on leadership today and so many proven models that Paul never had. We have defined and refined what others before us wrote and applied concerning effective leadership. Is there anything new? Dodd identifies several key and proven ingredients that stand the test of time and outlast every leadership model implemented in the Church, business, or government. He emphasizes that whatever leadership model may exist, these ingredients must always be there for effective Church ministry leadership. These leaders must live and teach them to gain lasting results. Equipping the saints needs these ingredients for the church to grow in grace and for that grace to permeate the body of Christ for its edification of its members in love.

In the proclamation of the gospel, spiritual leadership is critical.  With some in the business world, leadership comes naturally.  However, spiritual leadership arises from the spirit dependent on God.  God equips those whom He sends with His message.

Part two expands on these ingredients.

[1] Dodd, Brian J., Empowered Church Leadership: Ministry in the Spirit According to Paul (Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 2003). 13-14.

[2] Sanders, Oswald, Spiritual Leadership (Chicago: Moody Press, 1994), 27-32.

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