Living Biblically

Finally, Thanksgiving has come, and in a flash is disappears into the past.  Most spend their time cooking, eating, shopping, watching football, parades, and other shows of interest.  Family and friends make their way into our homes, consume turkey, chicken, or other similar dishes.  We catch up on things in our lives, laugh, and perhaps play games while gazing at the television.  Meanwhile, as we watch football or other programs, big Christmas sales advertisements flash between plays, timeouts, quarters, and halftime.

Black Friday begins Thanksgiving afternoon and for many even earlier.  Christmas pushes it way backwards and swallows Thanksgiving and even the day before and perhaps the week before.  The mails clog our mail boxes with ads as thick as a Sunday newspaper.  They beckon us to open wide our wallets and push our way through malls and their stores competing for the same toy, tool, or electronics item.  The…

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