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The Universal Negative: Can It Be Proven?

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Why the Rush to Get Past Gratitude? Some Words on Thanksgiving

Originally posted on Action Faith Books Press:
Finally, Thanksgiving has come, and in a flash is disappears into the past.  Most spend their time cooking, eating, shopping, watching football, parades, and other shows of interest.  Family and friends make their way into our homes,…

Ten Obstacles to Saving Faith: Introduction and Obstacle One

Rejection of God takes many forms:

After first embracing God and then turning away (apostasy)
A claim that one cannot know God (agnosticism)
A denial that God actually exists (atheism)
A worship of other gods (polytheism) made in the image of man (idolatry)
An outright defiance of God although one knows Him (rebellion)
The practice of the occult and cultism (Satanism)
The making of excuses for not embracing God by faith (self-will)

The Dones of Church

This morning I read an article from Scot McKnight’s Jesus Creed by Thom Schultz called “The Rise of the Dones.” It highlighted that many leaders in the church are leaving for good.  Why? Schultz notes, “The Dones are fatigued with the Sunday routine of…

Tension Between Faith and Unbelief

Shortly after our first parents decided to walk their own road not taken, their two sons struck out on divergent paths.  Both lived in the same household.  Both observed their parents.  One killed the other.  What happened? The Scriptures give us very little about…

Faith Versus Evolution

Faith in the unseen reality enables us to understand seen reality and its order as from God.

Faith and the Unseen

It is easy to turn faith into something that it is not.  We yearn for spiritual experiences to give us comfort such as God speaking to us through dreams, visions, and revelations.  They tend to make God more real to us than what we…